Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Quarters On The Way

But who can afford them?

According to an early report from the local branch of Census 2010, not about 60% of the workforce. The good news is that the CNMI will finally get some quality "press" for the first time in a long while. The bad news is that most of those quarters will be remitted back to the home countries of the Commonwealth's guest workforce via Western Union.

The United States Mint opted to commemorate the CNMI through the printing of hundreds of thousands of 25-cent pieces in the U.S. mainland and people across America reacted in much the same way throughout each of the fifty states.

"What the hell is the see-en-em-eye and why the hell is it on my money?"

U.S. Rep. Gregorio Kilili C. Sablan believes that “Every time someone pulls one of these shiny numbers out their pocket they will be reminded of the Northern Marianas..."

I suppose that's much the same way that thousands of tourists are reminded of the working women of Garapan each time they put their hand in their pocket and pull out an old condom wrapper.

The official Northern Mariana Islands quarter release event takes place at the American Memorial Park on Wednesday, Dec. 10, where the public may purchase the Northern Marianas coins or trade their old quarters for the new.

Unfortunately, the the new quarters may only be obtained through the exchange of legal tender as the U.S. Treasury Department does not accept Food Stamp.