Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Munson Retiring

The man who won the west with nothing but his Winchester and his dog Ol' Blue is calling it a career, but is the judge really going to retire for good?

Let's face it, the guy has been a chief judge since the Reagan years. That means he's seen a lot of cases. So why retire now?

Do you think he was worn out by the Villagomez trial? Was it all of the gum chewing and jumbled seating arrangements? Maybe he decided to pack up and leave Saipan after we got our street signs and only now decided to act on it.

Munson and his wife have been on Saipan for almost three decades and it's clear that the local lifestyle rubbed off on him because, like many locals before him, he packed his belongings and moved to Idaho.

Good luck, Judge. Thanks for bagging one last big fish before you left.