Friday, December 11, 2009

It's Official!

Dear Junior Yappers,

Like thousands of people before me, I am packing my bags and heading for the mainland. Life sometimes delivers opportunities and those opportunities rarely knock twice.

It wasn't an easy decision to trade paradise for a paycheck and I'm hardly the first to do so. Everyone has a reason for leaving and the bottom line was mine.

I consider myself lucky to have spent the past couple of years on this beautiful island and to have met the select group of people who dedicated themselves to change.

Talking shit is my thing, but much like that big new building in Garapan, I Love Saipan! The jobless rate in The States is not any better than here but the compensation sure is!

I am just as lucky for reaching the next step on the ladder of life as I am to have found Saipan, Tinian, and Rota. After applying to numerous companies, waiting, checking the mailbox (physical and electronic), and fielding offers, I've finally found my penguin.


I'm off to the mainland with a heavy heart, but I will keep an eye on the CNMI and keep an ear to the shells on the shores on the other side of the Pacific. Since making my decision four weeks ago, surprise has given way to excitement, which has given way to anxiety, which has given way to the unstoppable march of time.

And now that time is up.

See you in The States,

The Yapper