Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Can of Worms?

Thanks to my new friend and new celebrity commenter, Melvin Faisao, I have a new interest in life that revolves around the campaign contributions of our local government officials. It's nothing that isn't easily found on Google so it shouldn't be a shock.

Second, I never knew that Melvin had such a passion for the politics of Indiana. Wow Melvin, you're so global! So what is it about Dan Burton that made you want to support his campaign?

For instance, did you know that Lt. Governor Eloy Inos contributed to a number of lobbying groups in the mainland U.S.? How many regular people in the Marianas are interested in furthering the Hoosier Political Action Committee? Indiana? Really? You're not done, Eloy. How about the thousands of dollars you contributed to lobbying groups like the Keep Our Mission PAC?

Well, that's not big deal. How about our Governor Benigno Fitial? He's kind of boring, but why would he be interested in Bob Schaffer's run for a Colorado Senate seat? Oh, and how about his other contributions to lobbying groups?

Don't worry, I'm not only into tracking down one party. How about Heinz Hofschneider? Hmm, interesting. Seems as thought he hasn't contributed. Wow, same goes for Arnold Palacios. Just for kicks, let's see what Google turns up on Juan Lizama.

Well that was about as expected as Tuesday morning after Monday night. All of his contributions were to himself. I knew he spent a lot of time with himself. I just didn't realize that he paid himself for all of that "extra time" spent in the bathroom.

More to come!