Sunday, November 1, 2009

File this under "W"

...for Who Gives A Shit.

Sorry Mister Lizama, but nobody cares about what a washed-up ex-judge thinks about Governor Fitial's lawsuit. Actually, nobody cares about anything you have to say about anything.

First of all, you're jobless. Your role as an influential figure (albeit a shitty one) is fading faster than Eloy Inos' hairline (or yours, for that matter). So why would bumbling ex-Judge Lizama feel the need to send a press release to the Saipan Tribune?

If anything, the Tribune's editor should've enjoyed a good laugh at Lizama's self-important email and replied with a request that the faux story be rewritten for placement in the Letter to the Editor section.

Senor Lizama, you've got this whole media thing all wrong. The only people who are allowed to refer to themselves in the third-person are ego-inflated athletes and celebrities. You are neither. You're a pompous ass who did the CNMI a favor by stepping down as a judge.

And thanks for that!

Did you really feel that your endorsement would help? Maybe you're a Heinz fan and thought that your endorsement would likely hurt Fitial's reelection bid? I don't know for sure what your motivation was behind your self-penned piece but I know that the only significance that your letter had to the world was that it gave me another reason to write.

Thanks again :)

*BTW, Google Judge Juan Lizama and see what pops up first