Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Guess Who's Back?

Florencio Richards is back in the news, kids. Who is that? Please allow me to refresh your memory. Good ol' Florencio Richards is the brilliant Crime Scene Investigator whose DPS issued firearm was "stolen" back in December.

*interesting side note: Florencio's service firearm (Smith & Wesson 9mm semi-automatic) which was allegedly stolen when his government-assigned vehicle was burglarized in December was miraculously found when the dipshit discovered the handgun in his house a month later. And this is the guy who people were defending as a good cop? Stupid fuckers...

I called this sorry sack of shit out when it happened (and the Variety censored my comments, those bastards) for being a lousy cop and a worse human being. I know that he's been a piss poor professional everywhere he's been employed, but this time around, DPS caught this douche bag holding the, ahem, bag.

Read from the Marianas Variety below:

Cop arrested for theft, burglary
Tuesday, 28 July 2009
By Raquel Bagnol
Variety News Staff

A Crime Scene Investigators Unit officer and his companion were arrested for burglarizing a school in Tanapag and a residence in Capital Hill using a police vehicle early Sunday morning.

Superior Court Associate Judge David A. Wiseman set a $15,000 bail each for Police Officer Florencio Q. Richards and his co-defendant Vincent Daniel Q. Terlaje during a bail hearing yesterday. Wiseman ordered that 10 percent or $1,500 of the bail should be in cash and the remaining $13,500 in unsecured bond.

Assistant Attorney General George Hasselback represented the government. Assistant Public Defender Richard Miller was appointed to represent both defendants. Wiseman set the preliminary hearing for Aug. 3 and the arraignment on the 10th of the same month.

Detective Christopher Leon Guerrero stated in his affidavit that at 9:08 a.m. on July 19, the victim — Bruce M. MacMillan—a resident of Miller Estate Apartment in Capital Hill, reported a burglary and theft incident to the Department of Public Safety. Preliminary investigations showed that the victim left his apartment between 5:15 to 5:30 a.m. when the suspects burglarized his apartment.

The victim told police he lost a light black Toshiba satellite laptop computer worth $1,200, a citizen sky hawk watch worth $500, one booklet business check, and one booklet personal check both for Bank of Guam. The victim also lost his wallet containing an American Express Optima Platinum credit card and an American Express Gold Rewards credit card.

Police learned that the suspects attempted to withdraw money using one of the credit cards by swiping it off at Shell Puerto Rico at 6:22 a.m. that same day. The suspects also tried to swipe the cards at the First Hawaiian Bank and Kagman Mobil on July 20 and at the Bank of Hawaii Chalan Kanoa Branch 20 times.

Leon Guerrero learned there were personal checks belonging to the victim that were forged and cashed. The defendants wrote off four checks amounting to over $2,000 to two cooperating defendants using the stolen checkbooks.

On July 18, between 9 to 10 p.m., Leon Guerrero learned that one of the cooperating defendants was attending a birthday party in Fina Sisu when Richards and Terlaje arrived. The cooperating defendant said that he saw blue police lights inside the Nissan Pathfinder car brought by the two defendants.

He told police that Richards and Terlaje picked him up and they went to Ace Pool Bar in Garapan then proceeded to San Roque School at about 11 p.m. The cooperating defendant told police that Richards dropped them off at San Roque School and he was told to be the lookout man while Terlaje broke into the school’s classroom.

Terlaje was looking for laptops but when he couldn’t find any, they left and met Richards by the nearest poker. Police later learned that the doors of five classrooms were damaged when Terlaje poked them with screwdrivers and monkey wrench tools to gain entry.

Leon Guerrero learned that very early on July 19, they were heading toward Capital Hill with Terlaje asleep on the backseat. Terlaje awoke when Richards was loading a laptop bag, a silver watch and the checkbooks. They parked by Tanapag Beach site as the defendants were trying to figure out four digit numbers for the PIN of the credit cards, then they proceeded to an apartment across from San Vicente Head Start.

Terlaje got off the vehicle and surveyed the apartment but they left after seeing it was closed. The two then headed to As Lito. Police learned that same afternoon the defendants went to Payless and Tripple J Fresh Market where Terlaje cashed some checks.

A search warrant issued at Terlaje’s house by Associate Judge Kenneth L. Govendo led to the discovery of a 9mm handgun and the wallet belonging to MacMillan. MacMillan told the Variety in a telephone interview that only his watch and wallet were recovered, without the contents.

He commended the effort of Leon Guerrero in tracing the suspects. The police especially Leon Guerrero worked like crazy and put in long hours to catch the suspects,” MacMillan said.

In yesterday’s press briefing, DPS Commissioner Santiago F. Tudela said this is a sad incident for the police department. “It’s so bad that anyone who wears a badge breaks the public trust and I will not tolerate this,” Tudela said. He said it was bad enough to have a police officer who got involved in burglary, but to use a government-issued vehicle for the burglary was worse.

He said that Richards will be dealt with administratively which could mean suspension without pay until the case is resolved in court. “If the court finds him guilty, he will be terminated and see his way out of the DPS,” Tudela said. “I cannot control the activities of the police officers outside of their duty hours, but if they get involved in anything against the law one way or another, we will get them,” Tudela said.

DPS acting spokesman Jason T. Tarkong said Richards had also been involved in a burglary case at the San Roque Elementary School. Tarkong said Richards reported losing his service firearm—a Smith & Wesson 9mm semi-automatic handgun after his government-assigned vehicle was burglarized in December last year. Tarkong said they investigated the reported loss and just when they were about to wrap up their investigation about a month later, Richards reported finding his service firearm inside his house.

Or, if you prefer the Saipan Tribune...

They broke into apartments and broke into an elementary school? Dear Judge Wiseman, please hammer these fuckers!

Either way you put it, Florencio Richards is a complete ass and now he's going to pay the price in the pokey. He's a scumbag and now he's going from being a cop to being cooped up.

The funniest part about this case is how these two fucking idiots made it easy for the good cops to track them down. What do I mean? They went to stores with cameras to use stolen credit cards. Fucking morons!

Also, they issued stolen check...TO THEMSELVES!!! What the fuck? Hey, these aren't the only morons to do this. You'd think that these assholes would figure out that crime doesn't pay, but you'd also think that these dumb shits would be smart enough not to leave a trail of bread crumbs for DPS.

Anyone want to defend Florencio now?