Monday, June 29, 2009

Just Awesome

That's how I describe Renee Simao's Letter to the Editor in the Saipan Tribune. Such sarcasm! Please Renee, come and write for Saipan Fake News!!!

I'm not sure what classes Renee teaches in Tinian, but I have an idea that she'd have a packed house were she to offer Sarcasm 101 at Tinian High School in the fall.

Bravo, Renee!

If you haven't followed the link to read it yet, I took the liberty of copying and pasting the letter to my blog.

Apology to five Tinian parents

After learning of the situation at Tinian High School it appears I owe five of the parents whose children’s diplomas were in jeopardy an apology. I had your students in my class as well. When they failed in November due to not handing in assignments and not passing tests I expected you to come for a conference to discuss how we could help them meet the requirements of my class.

When you did not do so, I criticized you publicly for parental apathy. And when I scheduled student support meetings with Ms. Hofschneider and you did not attend I criticized you again.

And finally in January when they failed my class, again I criticized you. You see, I thought that Tinian parents supported Ms. Hofschneider’s goal to make Tinian High School one of high academic standards that were strictly enforced so our graduates could migrate to the mainland and compete on a level playing field with the graduates of the blue ribbon schools that feed Harvard, Yale, Columbia, West Point, Duke, Annapolis, the Coast Guard Academy, the Air Force Academy, Stanford, USC and other universities of high repute rather than having to go to community colleges.

It now appears that what Tinian parents desire is for their children to receive a diploma for a four-year attendance only. The children did meet that requirement. So I apologize for my criticisms.

Renee Simao

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Blog!!

Greetings Junior Yappers,

I've got lots to yap about these days after finding a new source of energy. I won't bore you with the losses of my personal life or explain away my lack of posting, but I will happily relay the news of my newest yapsterpiece.

I will continue posting (oor should I say resume) here with plenty of political commentary but I've decided to branch out a bit through the creation of the Saipan Fake News.

The Daily Yapper will be the source of criticism and acclaim for our local folks in the public eye but Saipan Fake News is focused on making light of life in the funny papers. The news department at Yap Co. is always looking for writers, so send your submissions or ideas to

Have a Yapperific Day,

The Yapper