Wednesday, August 13, 2008

He's The President?

Wait just one minute! I didn't vote for him! When was the election? I want a recount!

Don't most elected presidents pose with smiles on their faces? This looks a little more like a dictator pose.

Well, maybe not the "tator" part.

I can't bang the war drum on Taotao Tano because a lot of their anti-CUC rhetoric may have aided FBI investigators during their intensive "Rydlyme-gate" research.

While they might not have directly contributed to the case against Lieutenant Governor (for now) Timothy Villagomez, his sister, brother-in-law, and former CUC Director Anthony Guerrero, Taotao Tano may have provided the back-up singers to Satan's Chorus.

Since nobody is going to be able to sharpen a pencil at CUC for a while without going through a government check on efficiency, it may be a good time for Taotao Tano to focus its efforts on another area of the government for local fraud, waste and abuse.

Any ideas where they might start?