Friday, December 5, 2008

Is It Just Me?

Is it just me or is there a new fire cadet who expressed her dislike for the Fitial administration when she legally changed her last name? You can read the story for yourself in today's Saipan Tribune, but I've cut out the only part you really need to read below:

Christine S. Funkugub, the lone female in the cycle, became the fourth female firefighter in the CNMI. Except for one who is already retired, all female firefighters are on active duty on Saipan.

It just has to be a made-up name. It's too perfect for it to be natural. Like many other things that occur in the CNMI, this can truly be filed under "O" for "Only In Saipan." If not, Christine has to come from a long line of political dissidents.

While I find her name hilarious, I find the efforts of all of these men and women commendable and wish to recognize those who stood out from their class. Welcome all to The Yapper's Honor Roll.

9th Cycle Fire Academy Valedictorian: Joaquin T. Camacho
9th Cycle Fire Academy Salutatorian: Albert Lee T. Aldan

9th Cycle Fire Academy Most Physically Fit: Robert P. Camacho, Jerome Q. Repeki
9th Cycle Fire Academy Top Firefighter: Robert P. Camacho
9th Cycle Fire Academy Gallantry Award: Linus Mizutani Jr.

Joining the overachievers are Jesse D. Arriola Jr., John C. Babauta, Rodney C. Cabrera, Francisco A. Cruz, Gary S. Cruz, Robert C. Cruz, Lorenzo V. Deleon Guerrero, Alejandro M. King, Ralphael L. Magofna, Richard D. Manalo Jr., Benjamin T. Manglona, Elden M. Sablan and Vincent F. Sablan.

In the words of Department of Public Safety Commissioner Santiago F. Tudela, "Don't ever forget that the badge you wear is a faith entrusted in you as a public servant and that badge is as good as the person who wears it.”

Great honor to all of you and the entire 89-member DPS Firefighter for serving our community.