Thursday, November 20, 2008

To The Congresswoman From Guam

Dear Madeleine Z. Bordallo,
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You're a worthless cunt whose claim to fame was your husband. One day, the world will run out of silly putty and you won't be able to fill the potholes of your face. When that happens, the misguided Guamanian fucks who vote for you will start to see who you really are.
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Then they're going to call Prince Charming and inform him that they found the wrinkled up old hag that gave Sleeping Beauty the poisoned apple. Then look out, sister!
marianas trench marine monument
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The Yapper
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Really Madeleine Z, you are a worthless sack of old bones that sponged your way to prominence long ago and has managed to hang on to your position as long as you've been able to hang on to that shaggy sloth pelt you wear on your head.
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You're put together like an old Mrs. Potato Head and the parts are going to start falling off soon. It's just a matter of time before that nose jumps ship. Your opposition to the proposed Marianas Trench Marine Monument is as misguided as the worthless lot who follows you around with a vacuum as you shed your gray pubes.
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Please stay away from our Delegate to the US Congress! Your bitter soul will never find warmth in Guam, so please don't suck the life out of our guy to satisfy your vampiric thirst for fresh meat.
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To say that you're a power hungry dirty old whore would be an insult to power hungry dirty old whores. You, my dear, are a filthy bandwagoneer whose professional life has been advanced along via the misinformation superhighway and your crusty old diseased cavern you refer to as your vagina.