Friday, November 21, 2008

The Misguided Murderers

So you thought one photo was bad enough? Thanks to one of The Yapper's anonymous readers, I was able to get photos of all of the killers. Thanks a ton for putting a face to the CNMI's filth.

For that, I would gladly make you a Junior Yapper.

Looking at them I almost want to reach back in time and tell them that their whole lives are ahead of them and that they don't have to commit this crime.

Maybe they missed a few meals. Maybe they were abused. Maybe they just missed a few hugs.

They'll get plenty of hugs in jail, but it won't be the ones that they'd enjoy. Most of them will probably be from behind.

Young kids who had their whole lives in front of them took their last breath of freedom on the same night they took Efren Ballesteros' last breath.