Thursday, October 16, 2008


After an extended leave of absence due to personal reasons, I'm back! All you scurvy bitches and crooks have a lot to answer for, so get ready to face the firing squad. Time to eat my first meal on Saipan in what seemed like an eternity. In the meantime, all you corrupt mother fuckers need to get the fuck out of your seats and find Jesus.

No, not Iguel. I'm talking about the fella who carried the cross up to Mt. Tapo-shopping, suffered, died, was buried, rose again, came out of the cave, saw his shadow and proclaimed six more weeks of winter.

I love a parade, but the parade of idiots we have in government office is making me a little uneasy. We live in a place where people take TTT ssseriously and listen to a fucking space case talk to his imaginary Tan Canda.

Something's not right these days so thank God that I'm back to dish out some of the beatings that these douchebags need so badly.

I'm looking at you, Gonzalo...