Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fuck China!

As if I needed another reason to criticize one of the worst countries in the world. Sure they're developing at an incredible rate, but China is about as bad a country as has ever existed in the world.

I really hate this evil government, and this is coming from someone who isn't religious about it like the conservative head up their asses republican types. China is just a bad place run by bad people making bad decisions.

Long story short, China is bad so FUCK THEM!

Why today's rage against the Asian economic powerhouse? Because those evil commie bastards are attempting to censor all reports from the international press during the 2008 Olympics. Those fuckers might be able to stifle the majority of their 1.6 billion sheep but fuck them if they think they can keep their crummy human rights record a secret with the world's press in country.

They knew that the international media would come along with the athletes for the games but they've chosen to let slip their little veil of literary hijacking only now with just a handful of days remaining before the opening ceremonies.


I hate China, although I do not hate Chinese people in general. But I do hate their generals, generally speaking.

Are you for Beijing censoring the international media during the 2008 Summer Olympics? Not me. Why not vote about it. Time for a poll, I think.