Sunday, July 13, 2008

Economic Slowdown Exposes Those Without Hearts

I'm starting to think that this whole economic slowdown might not be all that bad. Think about what's going on and reference that against what the locals are saying. And by locals, I'm not talking about the Carolinians.

The "We're too proud of ourselves for our own good" Chamorros are not happy about what's going on with their government even though they're the ones who have been steadily ravaging their own people for decades.

The Chamorros certainly aren't to blame for all of Saipan's woes as there are plenty of Carolinians to blame for the state of the Commonwealth, namely the man who is currently running the show on Capital Hill.

How spoiled have the locals become over the years? I actually heard this young woman talk about her reasons for leaving Saipan and was revolted to hear about her "troubles" forcing her hand.

"We've got to conserve our power. We've never had to conserve anything," she said.

Buck up, chica! You're going to bail on your island because you've got to tighten your belt a bit and save on your power bill? Are you proud to be a Chamorro or are you just a girl who was born on an island and only cares about it on sunny days?

Well, Jesus H. Christ! You make me sick. What are you going to do when times are tough on the mainland? Do you always expect to be doing well financially? Kiss that shit goodbye because one day you're going to have to learn how to be an adult and deal with problems.

The Filipinos seem to answer their economic woes by counterfeiting everything known to man and by shipping their only asset overseas: their workers. Once they get out of the archipelago it seems that they never want to go back. Sure they send money back home, but are they doing anything to help the country as a whole?


But how can they root out all of their government's corruption? I don't think they can. The country is far too big and their problems far too vast. I don't think that the fate of the CNMI is destined to match that of the Philippines.

We're smaller and our screwed up government can be turned around so long as our younger generation can withstand the daily assault from the older, entrenched and wicked people who hold the reins these days.

As for the need to conserve, people act like that's a bad thing. Nobody like to budget their resources, but if that's something that has to be done in order to remain in one's cultural home and preserve one's heritage, then so be it.

The problem with some of the local Chamorros is that they think that they're too good to budget their resources on a personal level. Is it really a calamity that one turns off the hot water heater, unplugs appliances, and limits their use of air conditioning?

For fuck's sake people, it's not the end of the world.

We've got some trouble ahead with the CUC, that's for sure, but the price of gas is going up all over the world and your utilities will follow suit. It's not the end of the world so fucking stand up and fight for your home, damn it!

This isn't necessarily aimed at the dumb folks. The CNMI has plenty of idiots and as far as I'm concerned they can all go to The States and flip burgers for the rest of their lives. The people who need to stick around and right the ship are the young educated leaders of tomorrow.

By leaving, the bright ones aren't only helping themselves, their aiding the downfall of the Chamorro way of life because the dumb ones will fall for every slick politician who promises salvation.

Losers led by fucking snakes. How do you think that the Taotao Tano was allowed it's shot at prominence? Because that's the only group of locals left to battle the bad guys. Only problem is that they are also a bunch of unemployed bad guys with time on their hands.

Basically all I'm trying to say is that the Chamorros who can actually make a difference apparently don't give a flying fuck about the CNMI. I guess that's fine seeing as the how ones who get elected into office don't seem to give two shits about Saipan, Tinian or Rota more than their pocketbooks.