Monday, June 9, 2008

What Do You Think?

Should Saipan cut its ties with Tinian and Rota and let them fend for themselves? I really don't know what the islands offer each other as a Commonwealth at all. Maybe cutting the fat will do each island well.

-Saipan has most of the financial value but that doesn't make it the best. It can stand alone for sure.

-Tinian is the pot capital of the CNMI and is a military training base waiting to happen (again). I wonder how much the price of grass will jump locally once the military takes over 2/3 of Tinian.

-Rota is nothing but an inedible wedding cake. It beauty is unrivaled among the three , but what else is there of value?

Sure all three are beautiful, but only one island is able to pay for itself. We can get rid of the municipal councils, the mayors, half of congress, and start running things cost effectively.

The mayors of Rota and Tinian regard themselves as kings anyway so why not let them rule the roost for good?

So what do you think?