Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fitial Accomplishes Something Positive

Call him Ben Tan, call him a bum, call him what you will. But don't say that CNMI Governor Benigno Fitial didn't accomplish anything positive during his four-year term as Head of State.


Read this morning's Saipan Tribune to find out how the entire CPA board of directors resigned en masse. According to Agnes Donato's story, the board members who have resigned are Antonio Camacho, Connie Igisomar, Joe Lifoifoi, Alejo Mendiola, and Ray Cing.

Oh but that's not the best part. Included in the list of "resignees" was part-time dirtbag and full-time scoundrel Rex I. Palacios. Yes, you know sexy Rexy. He's the same guy who screwed the pooch on the Pacific Gardenia and 2006 Micronesian Games.

What else? How about the Saipan International Airport? Wonder why the generators weren't fixed at the only airport in the CNMI accepting major international flights? Ask around and you'll hear the same thing from all of your sources.

Think of Rex as kind of the opposite of King Midas. Where everything Midas touched turned to gold, everything Rex touches turns to shit. Don't let him become a member of Beautify CNMI! because that ship is sailing just fine.

So, while I never thought I'd say it, thank you Governor Fitial

The only problem with Rex is that he always seems to land another job I don't know why? The guy is a dick who knows how to turn on the charm when necessary He's a boozer and a schmoozer Rex always fucks things up, so why does he always get another chance to do so? And why is it usually at a higher position than his previous fuck up?

It's like you chop one Rex head off and two more appear

Well, on reason is that he's got some friends in high places I don't know if bailing on the Governor now will ensure that solid friendship he was going for these past few years

Bonus: How many faces of Rex are there on this post?