Friday, May 16, 2008

Joeten Brings Highway Robbery To Kagman!

Well, that's what the headline in the Saipan Tribune should have read, anyway. According to today's fish wrap, Joeten will be opening a new store out in homesteader country: Kagman. Sounds like they even want to get the store up an running sometime in the third quarter.

Vice president Clarence P. Tenorio Jr. said that the locally owned retail company, which is celebrating its 59th year of doing business this month, is planning to construct a 5,500-square-foot medium-sized grocery store at its expansive Kagman property.
He said the store, which is about a $1 million overall investment, will be slightly smaller in size than its Joeten Dandan Market and will essentially carry the same variety of items.

Whether it's Joeten Dandan, Susupe, or Garapan, the company has been overpricing its items and severely underpaying its employees for nearly six decades. People routinely flock to Joeten stores because they're the biggest, but the owners have been treating local people like shit for far too long.

Sure, the Joeten business model looks successful, but it's been marinading in corruption just about as long as it has been open. Think about the stores that would've come to Saipan were it not for Joeten's connections. We're talking about stores like K-Mart and Wal-Mart.

These people would bring some sanity to Saipan's shoppers and pay livable wages. Joeten is about as crooked as Benigno R. Fitial's spine, but people keep coming back to them.

Two words: Fuck Joeten

Maybe we should start a prayer vigil for all of the people who have been anally violated by the biggest non-garment wielder of genital weapons of ass destruction.