Friday, May 30, 2008

Here's To Tilting At Windmills

There's nothing wrong with the Saipanda, but the CNMI might have to make room for a new mascot as the islands of Saipan, Tinian and Rota have their own version of Don Quixote in former judge, Juan Lizama.

Though many Election Day wars are waged with pork swords, our "knight" appears to have leveled his lance at the CNMI delegate position with the misguided belief that he "has a good chance" at slaying the beast come November, according to a story in this morning's Saipan Tribune.

Wait, I'm not joking. Follow the link or read here:

Lizama: I have a good chance at delegate post

By Ferdie Dela Torre

Former Superior Court Associate Judge Juan T. Lizama has expressed confidence he will be voted as the CNMI's first delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives.“I think I do have a good chance,” said Lizama in an interview with Saipan Tribune.

He said that starting on the day when he officially declares his candidacy, he will be out there just like everybody else.“But my campaign, I want to be very positive with my campaign,” said Lizama, adding that he will run as an independent.

The Nov. 4, 2008 election, he said, is obviously one of the most important elections because of the delegate position.“My purpose is a good purpose. And I hope that they will agree with me that their votes will go my way,” said Lizama who stepped down from the bench last Saturday after 10 years of serving as an associate judge.

On talks that he is not qualified to run as the law requires candidates to retire or resign from government position six months prior to the election, Lizama said he has read the law and analyzed it.

“I am comfortable with my thought and my position right now that I would be running,” he stressed. In 2003, Lizama became the first judge in the CNMI to be retained to the post.

Aren't judges required to submit urine samples for drug screening? Well he's retired, but how about testing all candidates for the CNMI delegate position? I'm open to admit my mistakes and I believe it's possible that Lizama was not on drugs when he expressed his opinion to Ferdie Dela Torre.
Time for a tangent: Don't you think that Ferdie Dela Torre would be a perfect name for a Filipino boxer or an over sized Cadillac? I bet the Saipan World Resort could really pack in a huge crowd to watch the Dela Torre-Pacquiano fight. I could even see myself bragging to my friends and associates at the golf course after handing the valet the keys to my 2009 Dela Torre.
If that's the case then Juan Quixote was most likely experiencing a "senior moment" and should be checked out for dementia or some other type of old man affliction. Seriously Juanny boy, do you really think that you have a legitimate shot at winning this thing? Are you having MC Hammer flashbacks, because let me tell you, you are not, not, not 2 Legit 2 Quit!

I'm all for a "local boy does good" story, but Lizama should not win this November. If he does, the CNMI will be politically pushed around more than he was by the schoolyard bullies back in the day. I hope Lizama remembers that he won't be able to cite his naysayers for contempt.

Juan, maybe you should think about taking up a farming career. I hear the local cucumbers don't talk back.