Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Free At Last!

That phrase has never been said with as much emotion since Martin Luther King, Jr. marched on Washington, D.C. on Washington, DC, on August 28, 1963.

I uttered it from atop Mt. Tapo-shopping when Juan "I Just Did More For The CNMI By Stepping Down From The Judiciary Than I Ever Did While Wearing The Robe And Wielding The Gavel" Lizama made the transition from community ruiner to campaign runner.

The Marianas Variety reported that Juanny boy finally accomplished something positive for the people of Saipan, Tinian and Rota last week when he stepped down as the Superior Court's top hammer holder in an effort to spread his awful sphere of influence on the good people of the United States of America.

Here's all you need to read from that story:

The Superior Court’s most senior judge, Juan Tudela Lizama, is retiring after 10 years on the bench to run for the CNMI’s congressional delegate seat this November.

He's sexist. He's a racist. He's a slime ball. He's a moron. And don't let me forget to add that he's a big time jerk in a small time community. Here's a note I found nailed on the Guma Hustisia door this morning right before I passed through the metal detector.

Dear Juan,

It's already been a couple of days since you packed up and left and I'm already missing you. Of course you didn't actually pack up yourself, but I know that you gave the order to your clerk to call the moving company.

I've already experienced three working days without you in my life and I have nothing but sorrow in my heart knowing that tomorrow will be the fourth. Perchance I can find strength to make it through the week without smelling Old Spice in the corridors.

In your absence, the halls of justice grow colder with every passing unpaid air conditioned breeze, and not even Gin Grizzly's faux smile can bring warmth to these weary eyes in my eternal winter of sorrow.

My soul beckons to "All Rise" in your presence once more, though I know it to be the wistful yearnings of a lonely girl.

I only hope that I 'm able to muster the strength to leave my empty home and journey back to the CNMI on Election Day to cast my ballot for a man of true honor and virtue.

Biba si Juan!

Love Always,

Pamela Mathis

That can't be true, but you really never can tell with some people. Who am I to judge? And who was Lizama to judge? I'm not the only one asking that one. Did you see the story about it in today's Saipan Tribune?

You can follow the link, but here's a little snip of the story:

Lizama not yet off the hook'

Although Juan T. Lizama had already resigned from the bench he is not yet off the hook in the unethical acts complaint filed against him before the CNMI Supreme Court.

NMI Judiciary's public information officer Virginia L. Gridley told Saipan Tribune yesterday that the complaint against Lizama is still pending in the Supreme Court.

“Regarding the Supreme Court case in which Judge Lizama is being prosecuted, his retirement does not affect the case,” said Gridley when asked on the status of the case.

Sounds like tough times for our Napoleonic hammer-hander-over-er, but maybe that's why he wants to run off to D.C. in the first place. Who knows, and who cares? At least we're free of him for now.